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You Are Now Entering...The Girlfriend Zone, or, "Fartissimo"

You Are Now Entering...The Girlfriend Zone, or, "Fartissimo"

Tonight, on a platonic edition of the Never Daunted Radio Network, we ease on into a brand new week with a discussion that is guaranteed to raise eyebrows. According to Jezebel, for all the men who complain about being consigned to the "friendzone"--"a terrible space where hapless, lovestruck Nice Guys" exist, there is now a new dimension to this, called the "girlfriendzone" defined as "the pining blame men place on women for their own unrequited feelings, or for how some men completely lose interest in women as people once it's clear she's not interested in them sexually." We'll see if the theory holds any water.

Next, open your windows for this next story, because A Night at the Opera is about to get a little gassy: an opera singer in Tennessee is suing after a botched operation leaves her unable to sing...without farting. According to the singer, her affliction has left her unable to find work, effectively ruining her career. Guess lighting a match on stage was not an option.