Myom - Out of the Dark (Boom Tschak Podcast #21)

Myom - Out of the Dark (Boom Tschak Podcast #21)

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Myom - Out of the Dark (Boom Tschak Podcast #21)
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Out of the Dark is my mix for all the survivors out there. Vibes, atmosphere, flow and sonic storytelling that can lift you up, recharge you and give you a positive outlook. At least that´s what it does for me.

2018 was another tough year for me and I didn´t manage to release even one mix. I had started compiling tracklists for four very different concepts though. The first I chose to record now is this atmospheric and emotional selection of tracks that I played out, (re-) listened or danced to in 2018.

My mission: Leave hard, cold, dark and even dubby stuff out. Capture that classic futuristic soul and melancholy vibe that drum´n´bass always championed. Also: Spread positive vibes overall while avoiding cheesiness.

I always try to achieve what I think "the art of the mix" demands and I´m quite satisfied with the result. Carefully crafted mixes are getting harder to come by - this is one. Mixed on Serato control vinyls and an Ecler HAK320.


Playing tracks by L-Side, Spirit, Marcus Intalex, Seba, LSB & DRS and more.