Between Phobia and Philia - Sophie

Between Phobia and Philia - Sophie

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Between Phobia and Philia - Sophie
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Between Phobia and Philia -
There is a saying: No matter where you are, a spider is probably no more than a few meters away. I couldn’t find a calculation on the average distance of a spider to a human, but I guess it is likely that it is in between a few meters. They are everywhere. Or are we?
We live among each other.

A little audio play that came out as a side product from my graduation project and larger research on human-nature relationships, alienation, and knowledge production.
Live performed on Mushroom Radio with the help of the dearest Leon de Bruijn.


Playing tracks by Emerald Web, Kid Kozmoe, Pauline Anna Strom, Meredith Monk, Kali Malone and more.