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Manchester, United Kingdom

In the world right now there is such a saturation of creatives which get sucked into their social media echo chambers. They only get seen by their friends and close acquaintances, but we are here to shine a light.

Here at MUKA we want to give visibility to all underground and DIY creatives in Manchester, from painters to writers, and musicians to shop keepers. We will do this by celebrating and documenting the work they do, where they do and why they do it. Through articles, podcasts, playlists, radio shows and collaboration we will showcase what Manchester’s subcultures have to offer and provide it in an accessible format for all to enjoy.

Then we will turn all of these contacts into a directory for all to use. Here you can find the individual you want to make your new rug, the promoter to help your band move forward or just someone to take your portrait. All in one website.

Alongside our website we will then create a quarterly zine to sum up what we have found over the past few