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96.1: Tom Atkins Fights Puppies for Supremacy

96.1: Tom Atkins Fights Puppies for Supremacy

Movie Meltdown - Episode 96.1

Join us for the Geek Week, The Buzz, random tangents and the introduction to our interview with Tom Atkins!
All that plus...Inglorious Basterds, Voltron, Chairy, the front man, Til Schweiger, tent mansion, Severance, Steve Buscemi, Wolfman, Gypsy Rose Lee, invisible dog, running over kids, Hoarders, the return of Benicio Del Toro’s “face”, Sacha Baron Cohen, sidetracked by The Usual Suspects, In the Soup, I Know What You Did Last Summer - The Book, the bog of eternal stench, fat kung fu, Kingdom of the Spiders, RZA, Freddie Mercury, Sarah Polley and Sarah Silverman’s boobs.
“No way…I’ve always been whorey-looking!”