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71.1: Easter Eggstravaganza!

71.1: Easter Eggstravaganza!

Movie Meltdown - Episode 71.1 

Not only do we give our take on HorrorHound Weekend in Indy but many other tangents that include...
Captain American, having breakfast with Sid Haig, avoiding hugging kids, Peeps s’mores, re-watching Clash of the Titans, Johnny Depp’s schizophrenia, George Romero, The Great Escape, eating monkey brains, Green Day, sanitizing yourself from other geeks, Dark Shadows, special underwear, anal plug-gage, Mert Lawwill, quoting Eegah!, Blackbelt Jones, dealing with the fire marshall, Zombieland to a 12 year old, Clive Barker, NOTLP’s Andy is adorable, The Children, from Buck Rogers to Cheech and Chong, 42nd St Forever - Alamo Edition, go watch The Wraith, motor-boating Elvira, not getting knifed at DRI, Popeye - the movie?, being in love with Catherine Mary Stewart, Hitler’s cat, being kept in a box under the stairs, On Any Sunday, SLC Punk, Randy’s wife is gonna kick Rod’s ass, being a mobile geek, chaffed cleavage, predicting A Perfect Getaway, you dropped