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51.2: The Movie That Broke The Camel's Back

51.2: The Movie That Broke The Camel's Back

Movie Meltdown - Episode 51.2
In this episode that may have "crossed the line." We sit down to discuss - SAVAGE DAWN".
First we listen to actor William Forsythe's memories of making this movie. Then we attempt to comprehend the film we just saw. Which leads to random thoughts that include…
"Colossally bad, that's the only way to describe this."
“They have a Sheriff and a deputy, a redneck, drunk deputy - and a midget”
“Who the hell did they make this movie for?”
“The final blow is a titty twister.”
“This is the pinnacle.”
“Even the movie was tired of itself.”
“This is epic bad!”
“There’s a lot of street fist-fights going on, like this is some sort of Clint Eastwood orangutan picture”
“Lance did a bunch of jumping around”
“I’m surprised half the actors in here didn’t break something”
“This is like a monster mash of bad movie actors”
“This was pretty fun!”
“There’s a lot of weird not-so-underlying homo-eroticism”
“I think they were making it up as they went along…”
“Nothing they do make