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223: Flying Over the Silent World

223: Flying Over the Silent World

Movie Meltdown - Episode 223
This week we talk to Bob Braunbeck, Jacques Cousteau's helicopter pilot for 16 years! He is, as he describes it - an old-school pilot. And in time he would also earn his title as "Director of Aerial Photography" for Cousteau's films. He's lived an amazing life, filled with adventures that most of us can't even imagine.   
Then we discuss the 1956 film "The Silent World", Jacques Cousteau's legendary and Oscar-winning documentary. As it turns out, this movie is something very different then what we expected. The world was a very different place in 1956, and many things take place that would never be allowed today. If you watch the movie... you'll know what we mean. So beware, there some disturbing images mixed into this visually stunning documentary. 
And as we find out about hotwiring a helicopter, we also talk about...  there's never anybody on the radio, learning a new language, the red beanie, balancing four things at once, communicating with whales, lis