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206: Bigfoot: Myths and Legends

206: Bigfoot: Myths and Legends

Movie Meltdown - Episode 206 
Recently, as we sat down to discuss a ridiculous Bigfoot movie, we veered off into a different area. One of personal stories and weird circumstances. Of strange things happening not on the big screen, but in the real world. The session was so interested, that we decided that it needed to stand on it's own. As a subsection of our "Tales from the Cryptids" series. A reality-based tangent that we call... "Bigfoot: Myths and Legends". Hopefully you'll find it as engaging as we did when recording it. 
And while jumping at the slightest sound, we also mention... a local Bigfoot hunter, shooting a movie, Native American stories, The Ultraterrestrials, a baby crying, a 80-pound barn cat eating cattle, living in the sticks, a group of Boy Scouts, The Grass Man, stolen fish, that irrational fear, The Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas, it's coming through the field towards the house, mimicry, infrasound, The Pope Lick Monster, The Incident at Loch Ness, the world c