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193: Killer Klowns and Pull Up Bars

193: Killer Klowns and Pull Up Bars

Movie Meltdown - Episode 193
This week we hit the road and head up to one of those convention-type things. And while we're there we talk to The Chiodo Brothers! The guys who not only brought us "Killer Klowns from Outer Space", but over the years have also worked on "Vincent", "The Simpsons", "Team America: World Police", "Pee Wee's Big Adventure", "Critters", and many more projects! 
Then we talk to Jenette Goldstein, otherwise known as Vasquez from "Aliens"! With Jenette we discuss assuming the very different look and character of Vasquez as well as continuing to work with James Cameron over the years. 
Plus we stick around for a little of the after party that evening. Then we reminisce about our run-in with The Terminator's Linda Hamilton. You'll not only hear about our interractions with her, but also her experience with a bowl full of gummi bears.   
And as the Chiodo agruement rages on whether the Sea-Monkeys should be wearing shoes or have webbed feet, we also discuss... The Fre