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190: Captain Starcrash and the Beauty Queen from Mars

190: Captain Starcrash and the Beauty Queen from Mars

Movie Meltdown - Episode 190
All right kids... put on your space helmets, because we are about to blastoff with Luigi Cozzi's science fiction "classic" - STARCRASH! Epic outer space action ensues as we indulge in all the stellar special effects and fine acting that 1978 Italy had to offer!  Plus we feature a "One from the Vaults" memory from the (Stella) Star of the movie - Caroline Munro herself! Hear what Caroline thinks is a great "word" to describe this film. And what she first though when she saw her very special outer space costume!  All that plus the early acting skills of a young David Hasselhoff, the villainous cape-whipping of Joe Spinell, the over-powering futuristic hair of Marjoe Gortner and a career-making performance from none other then Oscar-winner Christopher Plummer!!  
So venture into the TechniColor stars with us as we also mention... the ubiquitous space wedgie, Ray Harryhausen, watching movies with Roger Corman, a planet of scantily-clad women, Jason and the Argo