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167: One More for the Kill List

167: One More for the Kill List

Movie Meltdown - Episode 167
This week we return to Green Room Coffee and Espresso and we’ll need all the caffeine to help us focus on figuring out this week’s movie. By special request, we were asked to try to decide exactly what was happening in the 2011 film “Kill List”. It is...well-made, disturbing, confusing and will more then likely bring about an initial WTF reaction. But with more thought and discussion, can we in fact decide what the hell we just watched?? And while we try to decide if we are discussing the movie OR helping finish write the movie, we also mention... True Grit, a picture of a world, Kurosawa, The Atheist Channel, Curse of the Demon, The Apartment Trilogy, The Crusades, the Cohen Brothers, Diane Ladd, a demon interior decorator, the stereotypical dark side of a librarian, Spaced, what the fuck was that polar bear about?, The Devil’s Daughter, can we just say the filmmaker is wrong?, House of the Devil, Shelly Winters, Rosemary’s Baby, the actress’s Twitter page