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153: Come join the party…we’re just like Jesus

153: Come join the party…we’re just like Jesus

Movie Meltdown - Episode 153
Join us as we kick off our holiday party and anniversary celebration in this the 4th annual Movie Meltdown Holiday "Special". In our usual way we embrace all holidays… well, at least we give them as much reverence as we do Christmas. Plus we enjoy a festive beverage, hear from some of the listeners and occasionally talk about movies.
And while Misty does her holiday Kristen Stewart impression, we discussion… I hate egg nog, aliens bearing gifts, Slash 2.0, Elijah Wood, I coincidentally made out with him in middle school, Fisher Stevens, D & D, he’s a total Shalhoub, making fists with your toes, I don’t wanna squish your meat incorrectly, should I not tell people Happy Thanksgiving?, blown away by fireballs, Mitch Hedberg, Buck, candy!, The Siege, anime Supernatural, DJ Ashba, The Phantom Menace light saber duel, Memento, celebrating Krampus every month, rock frontman Rip Taylor, taking a survey on adult diapers, a protocol droid with a virus, WTF happened t