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115: Silk Stalkings in Space

115: Silk Stalkings in Space

Movie Meltdown - Episode 115

This week we return to a bygone era - way back in the early 90’s. Back when sci fi “classics” like Alien Intruder were released straight to a format called VHS. So we sit down to watch this week’s Sofa Theater feature which stars Maxwell Caulfield, Tracy Scoggins and Billy Dee Williams. Plus a hilarious One from the Vaults memory from Billy Dee that involves pigs. Yes, that’s right - pigs. And we inflict “Little Red Riding Hood” on another member of the cast.

All that and…Shameless, The Thing, Elaine Irwin, cerebral vs. gore, talkin’ smack about Jon Cryer, Space Madness, loving the girl that has something wrong with them, Arrested Development, knock-off Casablanca, crazy Jeff Conaway, emits shower of sparks, pedophiles can blame fairy tales, space malt liquor, gritty violent movies, a puppet cat?, PVC - in space!, ST:TNG holodeck, it’ll be a piece of space cake, Phantom of the Opera, stripping under-age girls, shooting a film on a shoestring budget, Lobo