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101: Graboids and Orange Goo

101: Graboids and Orange Goo

Movie Meltdown - Episode 101

This episode Bryan is joined by special guest comedian and movie fan Don Reese. Together they talk about comedy, monsters, Hammer babes and all the orange goo that comes with this week's Sofa Theater feature: Tremors.

All that, plus they get sidetracked on…giving the gift of permanent disfigurement, a one-legged priest, Iron Man, Bill Cosby, avoiding adulthood, Bowfinger, ripping a guy’s stomach open, labor pains, the definition of “hip”, Candace Hilligoss, dad hatin’ on comics, They Live, movies with taco sauce on them, Van Helsing, Ed Harris, Mad Max, The Graduate 2, Richard E. Cunha, Plan 9 from Outer Space, Adam Sandler, Dawn of the Dead, crushin’ on Caroline Munro, bean counters throwing buzz words into a hat, Romero movies, Bat-nipples, Lake Placid, WWF, The Atomic Submarine, Used Cars, comedy in stadiums, The Monster Bash, The Mummy movies, CGI, The Monster Squad, 12-year-olds in business suits, shaving your head, The Big Picture, Bradford Dillman