German Jazz: German Hard Bop And Beyond Pt. 1 by Matt Fox

German Jazz: German Hard Bop And Beyond Pt. 1 by Matt Fox

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German Jazz: German Hard Bop And Beyond Pt. 1 by Matt Fox
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German jazz. An exciting topic for me as a record collector. There is still so much to discover. German jazz was certainly multi-faceted. In this mix, among other things, you will hear hard bop / post bop tracks that are perhaps not well known to everyone and you’re gonna stumble upon combos like the „Harald Eckstein Sextet“ from Bremen or the „Modern Jazz Crew Stuttgart“ - since I have only focused on German artists. But well-known names like Michael Naura or Albert Mangelsdorff are certainly represented as well. There will be more mixes in the future, including "Cool Jazz from Germany" or "international artists who have recorded in Germany" and of course - as the title suggests - a second part of "German Jazz - Hard Bop And Beyond".

For the art work I used a photo of the Manfred Ludwig Sextet (represented here with 2 great tracks). The band was a relevant jazz ensemble in the GDR in the 1960s, later a pure dance band.

Enjoy, this vinyl-only mix (albums & 45s) selected by Matt Fox


Playing tracks by Modern Jazz Archive, Manfred Ludwig Sextett, Harald Eckstein Sextet, Michael Naura Quintet, Modern Jazz Group Freiburg and more.

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This was so good! I have to queue it up again for another listen I'm the future

Modern Jazz Archive

Glad you enjoyed my selections! Thanks for your kind feedback, much appreciated, take care!


killer set !!!
thanx Matt !!

Matt Fox (Matt's Archive)

cheers mate, glad you enjoyed it!


Klasse... Bin begeistert. Danke dafür, Matt... ✌️

Modern Jazz Archive

danke fürs zuhören! freut mich!!

The Soul Preacher

Schöne Idee und Umsetzung.

Modern Jazz Archive

danke vielmals! freut mich sehr!



Modern Jazz Archive

cheers pal!!!

Modern Jazz Archive


1. Modern Jazz Archive - Intro
2. Manfred-Ludwig Sextett - Skandinavia
3. Harald Eckstein Sextet - The Double Thing
4. Michael Naura Quintet - Down In The Village
5. Modern Jazz Group Freiburg - Big P
6. Quintett 61 – Minority
7. Manfred Ludwig Sextett - Zwielicht
8. Modern Jazz Crew Stuttgart - St. Tropez Waltz
9. Werner Müller Orchestra - Blues in Studio 7
10. Hans Koller Ensemble - Lucky Tom
11. Wolfgang Lauth Sextet - Intrada
12. Ingfried Hoffmann - Midnight Bossa Nova
13. Erwin Lehn Orchestra - Fünf Zu Vier
14. Die Deutschen All Stars – Madame B
15. Volkmar Schmidt Combo - Episode
16. Werner Pfüller Quintet - Grog
17. Albert Mangelsdorff - Tower Blues
18. Fritz Hartschuh Quartett - Stella By Starlight