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Mila Chiral


Mila Chiral is a Berlin-based dancer-choreographer, electronic musician and DJ, who composes sounds and poetry as well as bodies and movements in time and space. Following the rise of electronic music in the early 90s, she started collaborating with (electronic) musicians for her choreographies and made her first steps into electronic music production 1995.
Her music is colorful, multi-layered and four-dimensional. Sounds and poetry create clear rhythmical patterns, repetitive or accenturated – always longing for moving bodies in the spaces and ambience she creates. Her DJ-Sets let bodies move to driving, fast techno-beats, uplifting rhythms and colorful sound spaces with acidish influences and glittering accents.
Referring to chirality in three-dimensional objects as molecules Mila’s music might be seen as chiral to her dance and choreography.