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AARON JAMES Waveforms V.2

AARON JAMES Waveforms V.2

Playing tracks by

Eddie Amador, Coco Street, Demarkus Lewis, Erik Bo, HUGEhands, Deeplomatik and more.

Chart positions

This show was 1st in the global progressive house deep house tech house chart, 1st in the global minimal tech house chart, 3rd in the global deephouse chart and 13th in the global tech house chart.

AARON JAMES Waveforms V.2

Aired today at 8pm CET
Aaron James will be with us every first Monday of each month.

You can find Aaron James on :

On behalf of our Resident Djs and me (Mz H.), we welcome you to WAVES RADIO and thank you for your ears and always wonderful support !!!!

7 March 2022



Wow, what a set again @djaaronjames ! I can feel the love that was poured into this. 💜 I had my toe tappin' my hips a jigglin' and my head a noddin' 🔊🎶🙌🕺I have to be honest that I don't make it all the way through everyone's sets I listen to, I simply don't have the time (trust me I wish I did 🎧), but with yours I am so often hooked I have to clear the rest of my diary and lock it in for the WHOLE JOURNEY. 🛤️ Reading some of the other beautiful comments here from the likes of Stefano and Steve James makes me realise what a great community this is with mutual love, respect and support. Hang in their Aaron, good times are comin' and while we are on the way there know how much joy you bring to others. 🙏🔊🎶🙌🕺💜 P.S. your girlfriend (not wife as I wrongly called her) must immensely proud of you with all these lovely words. P.P>S Thank you for your kind comment on my mix the other day, I will overlook that you called me Andrea 😂😂 and I will reply shortly I promise. Now back to your mix 🕺


@DJ-AW .. my friend I am sooooo sorry I am just seeing this wonderful and touching Comment now! From 3months ago! Shame, shame to have missed it then and since. Thank you, thank you, thank you is all I can say, and should have said then! Beautiful words and intention. Stay blessed my friend, see you on your page just now to see what you've got cookin! ❤️👊


Wickid mix AJ! You never fail to disappoint! Love the Reminisce rmx moving into the biggie sampled track at the beginning! Sick! Then you roll through tune after tune! I'm lovin this set!
Roll on summertime! 🌞👍


@mixtape_p ... hi bro wow really nice to read your Comment today. Thanks so much! Things are kinda sucky at the moment in Hong Kong so Comments and support like this really help to elevate my mood. Cheers ears . ❤️👊


excellent set my friend, thumbs up for Reminisce Re-Rub, all favs here 👏👏👏


Hi @DJFalcustone great to see you back here! Thankful for your support and glad you like the show. If you send me your email I'll hit you up with that Bootleg bro! Limited Edition, haha. Actually it was never put up for free download on any sites. ❤️👊


OUTSTANDING SESSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you @DJCraigTwitty was thinking it might be of interest to you and just say the word and will email the Little Fingers Booty. Always happy for your support, and thanks again! 🤜🏼❤️🤛🏼


Nice groove my man!!!


Thanks so much @chefshaunven12 ... really appreciate it bro! ❤️👊

Original Groove

awesome mix mate loved it 😎🎧🎶🌞😎🎧🎶🌞


Thanks so much mate, really appreciate it! Nice to see all the hard work is being well received. Cheers. ❤️🙏

Original Groove

yeh i appreiciate how much hard work it is ! 🙏


Big Love ❤️👊


Nice work!!!


Thank you guys for your time and consideration. It's appreciated. ❤️🔥

And RmX

Top quality Set ! 💥💥💥


Thank you @dfcteam really appreciate it! ❤️🔥


Hey Aaron!!! 👋
So the amazing start I listened to last night, actually gave me no insight (whatsoever) as to what was to follow this morning, when I finished the set:
Each track felt like it was building and adding something on to a structure, with the sole intention of reaching the very peak of the building....hope that makes sense?? Did in my head, but looks a bit silly when written down??! 🤦‍♂️😄
I know a lot of thought & prep has gone into the curation of this set mate.......please believe me when I say; 'it wasn't wasted time!!!!!!' 🤜🤛🏽
Love your work on the Re-rub too DEFO need to be doing more of the same (then send them to me on the QT!!😉) 😄
I can't really add much more to what Steve has already said TBH, but I think the biggest thing for me was that it just OOZED style!! 🙏👌🏼
Also, wish I cud have listened at 1.30 am in a TOP club, instead of 'on the couch' wearing headphones, thinking about wot jobs I need to do around the house b4 lunch!! 😩😄
This wud have been MIND BLOWING in a club setting...and I'd totally lose myself for an hour!! 🎶🕺👊🤯 (I've said on here b4, although I think I'm a good dancer...I actually dance like a chicken 🐔) But when music's this good.....who cares!!!!! 😍
Right.....gotta get those jobs done!!!
Stay safe & have a nice/peaceful weekend Bro! 💙💛😊
P.S Sounds like things are tough over there, but try to take solace in the fact that you are creating slices of magic that are making A LOT of people very happy!!! ❤️
P.P.S Can I have a copy of that Re-rub please..... 🤝😉


@stefado .... Hey Brother!! Well you've done the impossible and left me speechless!! Glad you enjoyed the Booty and have emailed it to the last address you gave. Feel free to use it in any way you see fit. I've never actually seen my name before in anyone else's sets so that would be awesome to say the least!! Inboxing a link to another Bootleg I did can let me know if interested as well. ❤️👊
I loved your Comment so much it almost feels awkward to reply here, but let me just say by the time I reached the first P.S. I had to call my GF in from the other room because I was so touched it almost brought me to tears. Happy ones. 😅
Yeah man and I feel ... SEEN. Of course it makes sense what you said about each track building, from the reminiscence of when I First Felt House Acappella (which was my own reminiscence in real life) through to the end, it was meant to have that desired effect ... and to mirror how House became more and more of a powerful, driving force through my evolution of being in love with it over the years. Only getting stronger and stronger and so on. As DJs we all try to make that same build up in our sets don't we? I generally don't prefer to start off banging anyway, but rather enjoy the build, the construction, the evolution. Start with a spark, end with a blaze. 🔥🔥
Hahaha, your Comment about your dancing style had me laughing and wish I could Post this funny GIF I often use on FB of a Chicken doing just that ... dancing!
Yeah man I hear ya about hearing it in a club setting ... I actually can't wait til they open again here so I can test it out. In the meantime, I did all the Track selection and sequencing while reclined on my couch so I guess it's only fitting that's where you did the Listening, Hahaha. 🤣😂
Peace and love bro. To end I'll quote you but flip the script: "I know a lot of thought has gone into this Comment mate .......please believe me when I say; 'it wasn't wasted time!!!!!!'" 🤜🤛🏽


LOL just noticed you've updated your location since I last checked to Un-Lockdownshire, United Kingdom .... hahahahahaha


Thank you for your reply Aaron....yours also made me laugh & was equally touching at the same time!! 🤜💙💛🤛🏽
And finally....someone noticed Un-Lockdownshire!!!!!!! 😄😄🤝


Bahahahaha. ❤️👊

Dave Ancient

Wonderful tracks and set Aaron 👌🏻👍🏻🔊🎧🔊🎧🔊🎧🔊


@dave-ancient thank you bro for showing up and supporting! It means a lot. Have a great weekend Dave. 👊👊

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