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Here's one for all the late period Wigan / Richard fans who kept badgering me to post this tape up, it's not the same tape as I mentioned on Soul Source but it is from probably the same month and is in way better quality. See how many of those cover up names you can make out, I've listed all of them uncovered except for Chris Bartley as I don't think the real artist was ever uncovered was it? The tape was labelled 1979 but it's definitely 1980. Thanks to the original taper whoever it was.


Ross Baillie

Thank you ❤️


How ike strong didn't have a hit record with that is beyond me.


Mixcloud's track listing didn't work for me, so, in case anyone else has this problem, here is the track listing I managed to work out from googling...
Pages — Heartaches & Pain
Ike Strong — Your Love Keeps Me Dancing
Yvonne Vernee — Just Like You Did Me
William Powell — Heartache Souvenirs
Cheryl Berdell — Giving It All To You
David Porter & The Music Merchants — Keys To The City
Deadbeats — No Second Chance
John & The Weirdest — Can't Get Over These Memories
Reuben Howell — You Can't Stop A Man In Love
Eddie Daye & The 4 Bars — Guess Who Loves You
Judy Hughes — Fine, Fine, Fine
Eddie Holman — Hurt
Richard Anthony And The Blue Notes — No Good
The Lamont Cranston Band — Takin' A Chance
Damon Fox — Packing Up
Marvelous Ray — Whirlpool
Court Davis — Try To Think (What You're Doing)
John & The Weirdest — No Time
Kenny Wells — Isn't It Just A Shame
Larry Houston — Let's Spend Some Time Together
Chris Bartley — Going Out Of My Mind

Tony Heinemann

WOW...what a spot.

Michael T Davis

Happy Times

David Shaw

Fabulous. Shut your eyes and you could almost smell the Brut.
Well done Pete!


Nah - Aramis and Mr M's tobacco condensation drip!

Arthur Fenn

top top times 8-)


No matter what else was going on I always made sure I was around when Mr Searlings spot was on (And Vincents as it was normally the best 2 hours) And to me he got better as the years went on. Yeah I know he got the cream 1st picks from the barn and he did play a tad too much 'modern' for my ears but some of these are truly amazing. He might be right tho Pete it does sound a bit speedy. I'd need 2 packs of gum just to get thru William Powell. As a side note and a big YAYYYY to me I just got a Damon Fox last week! 1st tried to buy Richards around this time but he acted like he didn't even hear me haha Took me 36 years buyt got there in the end! Willnow stick it on me Youtube channel

Mick Mitchell

i tend to agree richard at his best, how sad it is alot of these trks have slipped into obllivion damian fox packing up herbie williams thanks for the posting some great memories


I remember going up to searling one night and asking for court Davies and being told to f **k off!!! What could I not own what he had got??

Jason Thornton

LOVE IT! Music belongs to everyone.