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New Sounds 1978-81

New Sounds 1978-81

I fancied putting up some of my favourite tracks from a brilliant period in music, mid 1978 to the beginning of 1981. This era became known as 'post-punk' and some of the greatest music ever sprang from this short but incredibly creative period. I bought all of these records when they were originally released, the majority are singles but there are a couple of lp tracks (Siouxsie & The Banshees, B52's) and I think the Tubeway Army track was a 12" b side as well as an LP track. The Jam’s opener is the long version from the LP also. I've used the ‘newspaper’ sleeve from Public Image’s first single to accompany this podcast as I think, of all the truly great singles released in that 3 year period, this is probably the greatest track from the entire era. If anyone likes this, I’ve got endless amounts of 45’s from this period



I used to love that Wire track !!
Reminds me of sitting in my bedroom listening to peel haha


Fantastic mix!

Ian Mackay

Opening with The Jam.... I wrote an English essay based on this track and got an A+.

Rodney Prosser

Thanks for this what about The Members? got any stuff by them?

Pete Smith (Planet Records)

In reply to vinyl escape: I actually cut it down from about 150 tracks! I got five or six different mixes ready then just chose one at random really. Trouble is I keep doing the mixes but never posting them up - I must have a dozen reggae ones ready, another ten Northern Oldies comps, I think I'll get back to doing the 'found in the basement; type ones, I prefer those, oddball 60's singles

vinyl escape

Ah yes, this is definitely part of the soundtrack of my youth! Must have been difficult to scale it down to this 75 mins. as there was such a lot of great music during this period. I would certainly like to hear more. Such good memories of this time!