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  • 1 year ago
Sorrow-Vomit: Jan. 10, 2021 (2021/20 Releases: Post-Punk, Darkwave, EBM, Cold Wave, Synth, Goth)

Sorrow-Vomit: Jan. 10, 2021 (2021/20 Releases: Post-Punk, Darkwave, EBM, Cold Wave, Synth, Goth)

Playing tracks by

Ploho, Ratpajama, Contre Soirée, Blind Delon, Konstantin Unwohl and more.

Chart positions

This show was 44th in the global industrial chart and 47th in the global dark chart.

Recorded live Jan. 9, 2021. My mixes are recorded in a club-style rather than a radio / general playlist format. New tracks in the world of underground post-punk, cold wave, darkwave, minimal synth, ebm, techno industrial, and goth genres... Playlist, timestamps, and additional info in the comments.

Artists featured include Ploho, Ratpajama, Contre Soirée, Blind Delon, Konstantin Unwohl, Madmoizel, Antipole, Special Interest, Chinosynth, Mala Herba, Broken Nails, The Marquis, Teatre, Chris Shape, Tenderlash, Otchim, Mirror of Haze, Bergstein, CHOKE., SIGSALY, Henyox, Human 80, Скубут, Ductape, FrailruR, Monochrome Lover, LBEEZE, Carlo Ondo, NABTA, Dusty Idols, Alvar, and Kurs.


Into Darkness

perfect mix !!!


Thanks, glad you liked it.


Very cool selection and mix!


Thank you. You always have a nice selection of tracks from ones I've listened to in past or glanced at. Have found a few surprises that were off my radar!


Additional comments / info:
Ploho - Танцы в темноте
Latest track from popular Russian post-punk band off their upcoming album "Фантомные Чувства" coming out on Feb. 8, 2021 through Artoffact Records.
Ratpajama - Lacunas Abissais
Minimal synth / electro from Brazil. Single released on Nov. 8, 2020.
Contre Soirée - Quand Ta Jupe Tourne
Fast-paced modern-day French coldwave. Off the split release with Blind Delon, "Nuit", that will be released Jan. 25, 2021 through Veyl Records.
Blind Delon - Mensonges
Prolific French coldwave / electro act... off the split release with Contre Soirée, "Nuit", that will be released Jan. 25, 2021 through Veyl Records.
Konstantin Unwohl - In Rom
German minimalistic synth / electro with an 80s NDW touch. From the album "Im Institut Für Strömungstechnik" coming out on Jan. 15, 2021 through aufnahme + wiedergabe.
Madmoizel - Mystery
Atmospheric downtempo French cold electro off the compilation "Fast Forward" put out by Tonn Recordings on Jan. 1, 2021.
Antipole - Marble (ft. Paris Alexander)
Latest single from modern masters of guitar-driven atmospheric post-punk, cold/dark wave out of Norway. From EP "Marble" released Jan. 8, 2021.
Special Interest - All Tomorrow’s Carry (Kontravoid Remix)
US (New Orleans) synth punk / no wave... however Kontravoid's treatment gives this track a Light Asylum vibe. From the remix album "The Passion Of: Remixed" relesaed Jan. 8, 2021.
Chinosynth - La Gran Ciudad
Cold minimal electro from Mexico. From the EP "La Gran Ciudad" released Jan. 6, 2021 through Logia.
Mala Herba - Kupały
A reimagined version of an older track previously off a demo release. Witchy synth solo project out of Austria, but believe with Polish origins. From the album "Demonologia" coming out on Jan. 15, 2021 through aufnahme + wiedergabe.
Broken Nails - Never Let It Go
US (Louisville, Kentucky) based analog synth dark/cold wave. Solo project of Kim Bell, aka DJ Kaleidoscope featured on several mixes on my mixcloud page. From the album "Overcome" released Jan. 4, 2021 on Swiss Dark Nights.
The Marquis - Black
Canadian, but now residing in Germany. This particular track reminds me of Qual's stronger cold EBM output. From the album "The Suburbs Dream of Bloodshed" coming out on Jan. 15, 2021 through aufnahme + wiedergabe.
Teatre - Įtampa
Hard-hitting Techno / EBM from Lithuania. Off the album "Vociferate" that will be released Feb. 12, 2021 through Lux Rec.
Chris Shape - Holy Ron (OTHR Remix)
Italian EBM / Tecnho crossover. New remix from the extended version of last years album "Shaped To Deform" that original was released on Unknown Pleasures. Extended edition released Jan. 4, 2021 through Area Z with bonus tracks.
Tenderlash - Snow Moon
US (Charlotte, North Carolina) synth darkwave with ethereal vocals. From the album "Hold Still" released on Swiss Dark Nights Jan. 4, 2021.
Otchim - Assassine
French / Russian coldwave with a Molchat Doma meets Opera De Nuit style. Latest single released Jan. 1, 2021.
Mirror of Haze - Merry Go Round Spinning
Post-punk / goth from Norway off the album "The End Is the Beginning" that releases Feb. 15, 2021 through Wave Records.
Bergstein - Feels
First single from new Russian cold synth solo project released Jan. 4, 2021
CHOKE. - Tension
US (Chicago) EBM / Dark electro. Single released Dec. 4, 2020.
Canadian synth / EBM crossover roughly comparable to Boy Harsher, Linea Aspera, and similar acts. From the album "Arrival" that released Jan. 11, 2021 on Obskur Music.
Henyox - Devote Your Body
Dark EBM / techno crossover from the country of Georgia in the style of bands such as SARIN. From the album "No Devotion" released Dec. 4, 2020 on Synthicide.
Human 80 - Statische Welt
Colombian solo project that has been heading in an EBM direction compared to the earlier minimal wave / synthpunk style I remember. From the compilation "M​.​A​.​D." released by Music Analysis Discussions Records on Dec. 26, 2020.
Скубут - Акт Самоубийства
Russian post-punk / coldwave based in Austria in vein of early Lebanon Hanover, This Cold Night... From the album "Меланхоличен" released Jan. 2, 2021.
Ductape - Empty
Turkish post-punk / darkwave in the style of bands like Second Still. From the album "Labirent" released Jan. 7, 2021. Looks like Swiss Dark Nights also picked this one up to release CD.
FrailruR - Visions
New German lo-fi post-punk / coldwave that reminds me of bands like French Police or Vestron Vulture's guitar tracks. From the EP "I." released Jan. 7, 2021.
Monochrome Lover - Heavenly
US (Houston, Texas) post-punk / darkwave / dreampop in style of bands like Schonwald. From the self-titled album released Jan. 1, 2021.
LBEEZE - Boogyman
Australian EBM / Techno crossover. Much of their material reminds me of colder cassette culture second-half-of-the-80s style EBM typically found in Belgium and Germany. From the compilation "No Portions - Vol. 2" coming out on Jan. 28, 2021 through Idlestates Recordings.
Carlo Onda - Photographs (Scannoir Remix)
EBM twist on this remix to normally quite minimal Swiss project. From the album "Souleater" released Jan. 10, 2021 through Cold Transmission.
NABTA - Shaming Me
Latest single from French EBM / synth act.
Dusty Idols - I Love You
German EBM / New Beat / Techno from the album "Pars Destruens Et Oriens" released Nov. 19, 2020 through Detriti Records.
Alvar - Blod
Swedish Nordic-themed electro-industrial... Warduna or Heilung meets early Das Ich is my first impression of this track. From the album "Rekviem För De Andra / Hymner Och Klagan Från Öland" released Dec. 13, 2020.
Kurs - Two Worlds After
Italian cyberpunk electro-industrial that sounds influenced by late 80s/early 90s Clock DVA meets Front Line Assembly. From the album "Muter" that will be released Jan. 11, 2021 off Swiss Dark Nights.


Tracklist and timestamps:

0:00:00 Ploho - Танцы в темноте (2021, Russia)
0:03:03 Ratpajama - Lacunas Abissais (2020, Brazil)
0:05:13 Contre Soirée - Quand Ta Jupe Tourne (2021, France)
0:08:35 Blind Delon - Mensonges (2021, France)
0:11:54 Konstantin Unwohl - In Rom (2021, Germany)
0:15:17 Madmoizel - Mystery (2021, France)
0:18:24 Antipole - Marble (ft. Paris Alexander) (2021, Norway)
0:22:57 Special Interest - All Tomorrow’s Carry (Kontravoid Remix) (2021, USA)
0:26:42 Chinosynth - La Gran Ciudad (2021, Mexico)
0:30:23 Mala Herba - Kupały (2021, Austria)
0:32:50 Broken Nails - Never Let It Go (2021, USA)
0:36:43 The Marquis - Black (2021, Canada/Germany)
0:40:25 Teatre - Įtampa (2021, Lithuania)
0:42:57 Chris Shape - Holy Ron (OTHR Remix) (2021, Italy)
0:45:19 Tenderlash - Snow Moon (2021, USA)
0:48:58 Otchim - Assassine (2021, France/Russia)
0:52:03 Mirror of Haze - Merry Go Round Spinning (2021, Norway)
0:56:00 Bergstein - Feels (2021, Russia)
0:59:11 CHOKE. - Tension (2020, USA)
1:01:38 SIGSALY - Aches (2021, Canada)
1:04:51 Henyox - Devote Your Body (2020, Georgia)
1:08:33 Human 80 - Statische Welt (2020, Colombia)
1:12:18 Скубут - Акт Самоубийства (2021, Austria/Russia)
1:15:24 Ductape - Empty (2021, Turkey)
1:18:32 FrailruR - Visions (2021, Germany)
1:21:20 Monochrome Lover - Heavenly (2021, USA)
1:24:04 LBEEZE - Boogyman (2021, Australia)
1:27:50 Carlo Onda - Photographs (Scannoir Remix) (2021, Switzerland)
1:33:12 NABTA - Shaming Me (2020, France)
1:36:26 Dusty Idols - I Love You (2020, Germany)
1:41:09 Alvar - Blod (2020, Sweden)
1:45:26 Kurs - Two Worlds After (2021, Italy)


Thank you very much! <3