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  • 76
  • 6 years ago
martindel már vs.tekkmatiksounds @

martindel már vs.tekkmatiksounds @

Playing tracks by

Dominik Eulberg, Oliver hacke, Patrice Baeumel, Chris nemmo, Noir & Richard Davis and more.


Rakel Sunde

MARTIN LOVES TO TOUCH PATRICKS GIRLFRIENDS , FRIDAS BOOBS AND PUSSY HE TOLD ME BUT DID NOT DEAR TO KISS HER BECAUSE THEN PATRICK WOULD HIT HIM. Martin Markus kills babies better than making music. He is a pathetic little homeless drunk and speed head, and shits on the floor in the house he lives in, in Leipzig. He is a pedophile- his pictures on his phone and the videos on youtube is all about young teenage girls dressed up as 12- 13 year old school girls. i bought an apartment for us and all he did was beating me, stealing, taking speed ( found bags all over the house after he left)- I have never seen somebody that evil on speed in my whole life. He tried to kill me with 100 benzo tablets and wished me happy birthday and that he would be happy when I died. He took a big knife to his own throath, forcing me to push it into his neck and make me kill him, while I was fighting back not to kill him. I was dragged around in the mornings falling and puking all over. Offcorse I did not get any rent- this was an apartment I bought for us to start a family and a new future. He owns me loads of money. He broke all my things. Go kill more babies Martin- it is the only thing you know how to do for nearly 10 years. And pick up vulnerable girls at the women shelter- VERY safe with Martin down the road ready to pray on the most vulnerable. Fuck you yourself Martin you little coward.

Bholu Sunder

henious act done by martin-Martin Markus is a coward and likes to hit women. What if someone did this to his sisters or his little cusin as he callss a princess???Martin is into young girls with ponytails and short skirts. He also likes to see young girls being fucked by other men at different clubs- he doesn not give a shit that these girls tries to cut their wrist afterwards as long as Martin gets what he wants. He's a fucking coward beating a woman for days in her own house. He throws women at open doors, shake them until the head falls around.Hiting womens's head in the wall of my new bedroom where one should. be the safest.Yelling in German which he knows that I don't understand. He doesn't care if a woman does not want him to come into the apartment- then he just put the feet in you door and beat you more until you have to call the police to get rid of him. Then he says that "he lives here". Martin doesn't even understand that he can't live with a woman for free while beating her. In Norway he was running around with junkies that are taking all my money downtown just because this junkie had a licker bootle he would let Martin drink of He is really dangerous. He will get you thrown out of your own apartment, laugh at you when you fall or cry. He will take everything you have of your money and he fucks up your brain. He will cry so you feel sorry for him and give him everything all the time." I miss you so much, I need yo so much, I love you so much"bla bla- so that he can sleep for free at your place, continue the mental and physical violence and then have sex with you when HE wants to. .He also makes gipsy yell at you on the street and thresthen you 10 times to say that Martin in such a good man until you get scared and run for the tram- without me having been anything but nice to Martin. Please be careful with this guy. He will hurt you physically and mentally. He stole my tablets everyday which I have to take for different things because I am sick and can't work. He took my antidepressions and then forced me to take and overdose with other pills while screaming and holding me to take the overdose faster- i am still very sick after this He took my biggest kitchen knife, put it to his troath and tried to force me to stick it into his neck. In martins mind he is the greatest DJ at Ibiza, but in real life he is the smallest, most pathetic homeless alchoholic in Leipzig, Germany.He DOES NOT get epelepsy by not drinking- that's another lie to make people buy him beer- he's been fine without beer in Norway He comes here and calls my bell every 5 minutes the whole evening and night and harass me. He says to the police that he lives here and wants his things, but he has been in here several times with the police "to get his things". The police are here all the time to make him go away and I can't go out anymore. His mama probabaly sent him money for alcohol and the ticket home to Leipzig, Germany now, since it's been quiet a couple of nights.

Bholu Sunder

rakel is right .....i know her very well she is showing the hidden face of MARTIN a fucking coward..........he does not deserve to be called as human......