Fundamental Vistas

Fundamental Vistas

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Fundamental Vistas

Tunes that particularly appeal from: Acclimate V1, Ascending Divers, Atomine Elektrine, Christopher Alvarado, Not Your Average Hippy, Petal, SDPI, Shambala Networks, Temple Music, The A.M. Experiment, Triode, Wavespan and Mystified, and Zalys.


Mark Blood

00:00:00 Triode ~ Rest [Into the deep EP]
00:03:57 Acclimate V1 ~ Roko's Basilisk [New Mind Emergence (Ambient Version)]
00:09:20 Zalys ~ Shipwreck [Wandering Through Space]
00:19:20 The A.M. Experiment ~ Inkubus [Æons Of Silence]
00:33:55 Ascending Divers ~ Above Tartarus [Above Tartarus]
00:38:22 Shambala Networks ~ Abiogenetic Molecular Evolution (Original) [Abiogenesis (Natural Laboratories)]
00:57:03 Wavespan, mystified ~ Particular Streams Wavespan Remix [Particular Streams Remixes]
01:00:16 Atomine Elektrine ~ Time Dislocated in the Mechanism [The Antikythera Mechanism]
01:08:47 Not Your Average Hippy ~ Freezer Section [Warm Ground Dark Sky]
01:13:39 The A.M. Experiment ~ Subterranean Nation [Music For Astral Travelling]
01:25:20 SDPI ~ Variations [Catcher of the Moon]
01:30:22 Petal ~ Drift [The Pharisee]
01:34:34 Not Your Average Hippy ~ Tide Control [Warm Ground Dark Sky]
01:40:59 Christopher Alvarado ~ Ancient Landform [Loop Messiah]
01:47:49 Temple Music ~ Feldsparring [The Endotaph]