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Fire and Water - July 28th edition

Fire and Water - July 28th edition

Chart positions

This upload was 5th in the #synth-pop chart, 5th in the #industrial chart and 10th in the #electronic dance music chart.

July 28th edition of F&W (I say July 27th in the episode, because I intended on posting it on the 27th... )
New music from SITD, Suicide Commando, Night Drive, Red Cell, Empathy Test and more.


Alexandru Marcu

Where can I find the playlist for this? Thanks

Eduard Spiridon

keep doing what you're doing, Mark. I don't want you to stop, l like your stuff a lot. I will be a sad thing to go to mixcloud and not find any more of your shows. Cheers from Romania!

Mark Roberts

Eduard, I am glad you are liking my show. I have never been to Romania, but I was in Hungary in the past.


Another good show and I don't mind the synth stuff. "terrorEMB" is ok at times but some is a bit much for my taste. I did like AH and the Firm (at least I think it was them or Funker can't remember. Will have to listen a second time).

And yeah there are some decent voices but the core bands to me are better. Ala Diorama and I liked all the females AH has had in their band as well :).

Mark Roberts

Funny thing is I played one of the few songs by Night Drive that is just instrumental.. lol.

I think the only terror EBM I like is Hocico and Suicide Commando..

AH is one of my favorites.. now Leave it at Seven is my favorite off the latest album... but when I first listened to it, I loved Ghost Spirit Mother.

Diorama is so great live.


Yay! I was mentioned! I actually listened to the first part of this while cutting the grass. Thanks for making boring home-owning actions not as boring.

I think I started following you a year or so ago, when you (or someone) promoted F&W on CAD. At least it doesn't sound like SPOCK's show was like all of Peter Heppner's shows. I swear, I was so stoked to see him live back before Wolfsheim broke up, and was so disappointed to discover his shows is just him at a pulpit. Reminded me of church. And just as boring. At least Einstürzende Neubauten put up a great show. Restored my faith in live German music in the US. Sadly, I don't get to go to shows anymore. I hate the city of Chicago with a passion, and now that I no longer hang out with people with similar music tastes, there are only a few bands that I love enough to get over my aversion of the city. I don't even remember the last show I went to... MDFMK maybe (which was disappointing)? I'm just waiting for Cruxshadows to come back.

And I agree completely with your comments on Felix Marc. He's not as good as a singer as the other two, but that doesn't mean his music isn't as good. I really enjoy Frozen Plasma. But his solo work is really hit or miss with me. It's either really good, or just bland. Just my opinion.

Keep up the great work. World needs more people promoting good music. If I never randomly discovered CAD on YouTube, I never would have discovered Mixcloud. And I never would have discovered all this awesome new music. My collection pretty much ended in the early-mid 2000's when I changed the people I hung out with, and I just managed to occasionally discover new music. But in the last two years, I've been playing catch-up. My tastes have shifted to more to the synth/futurepop side, but I still find enjoyment in the harder stuff (when I find something that is actually good).

Mark Roberts

I thought Chicago had a good scene, wasn't there a club called Neon that was well known? or was it closed down? Actually Da Heppner was a tad boring, but it was fantastic to see the first time, but the second made me wish I went to Agra to see The Mission..

Yes, it's not like I think he's a terrible singer, I just feel he's over rated, put in a much higher tier of singing voices. I would only put a handful of people in that tier, and he's not one of them...

I always looked for more music, and now a days its so much easier to find it.. I found CAD because I met Mark Paradise (and his wife Stephanie) at WGT 2010.

thank you for the support!