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Mark Lerman / BassKemist

Brighton / Leeds, United Kingdom

DJ / Producer
Complete Vinyl junkie. I have no particular style or genre but my tunes usually revolve around the bass..So 4/4 and breaks from all era's ..Guess it all depends what mood i'm in.
historically have promoted clubs Around the UK . Predominantly:
Hideout - Free techno party in Brighton ran for 7 years brining underground techno DJ's such as Dave Clarke + Ben Simms
Kliks - The UK's first 'minimal' party - featuring sets from Alex Smoke, Tobias Thomas and Kompakt ledgend The Modernist.
Mammoth - Techno and IDM - resident Dj's Carl Craig , Luke Vibert, Derrick May and Andrew Weatherall

Production wise:
Hidden Productions - Founding member ( with Jack Gillies )
4EyesCloned - releases on the Litmus Label

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Mark Lerman /  BassKemist