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Caravan - songs from 1800 - 1900

Caravan - songs from 1800 - 1900

Playing tracks by

Georg Asch, Folk song 1, Folk song 2, O.Hodeige & R.Dufas, Folk song 3 and more.

Interpretations and orchestrations made by me following musical themes from the original musical scores printed in Romania at the beginning of the XVIII - XIXth century. They include Romanian folk themes or foreign themes that are interpreted at the time with Turkish, Bulgarian, Austrian or gypsy influences. Most scores are printed in Romania by Jewish publishing houses, it is possible for them to be transcribed with some Jewish influences. I have the scores from my grandmother.
I made all the tracks as usual on my old Roland XP-50 somewhere in 1995.


Marius G.Mihalache Michel

Thank you JB! Cranguleti (Smaller grove) - The musical note that makes it sound strange this song is B-flat note and it's a simple song in Em. Romanian folk music has a specific musical mode (for exemple Dorian #4 mode - 1, 2, b3, #4, 5, 6, b7) . There are notable differences between the Arab and Byzantine mode in general. and in particular Romanian, Greek, Gypsy, Hungarian, Turkish etc. musical mode. Certainly the biggest influence here was Byzantine music. Important is the fact that Romania is generally used musical instruments granted in tonal system. But in popular music tonal function is often lost... so folk music written in scores even more is lost. When folk music began to be written (Bartok did this pretty much as far as I know in the east of Europe) is used including Arab modes along with the other's trying to write what he hears. However Arab mode of tuning the instruments is different. The Arabic scale is divided into 24 equal quarter tones, where a quarter tone equals half a semitone in a 12 tone equal-tempered scale.... complicated. STOP

Sounds By JB

Great atmosphere those folk songs! Are you using an Arab tuning on Cranguleti?

Sounds By JB

Uff thats some bass in the start of Joc Romanesc :P

Sounds By JB

mmm just big speakers, garden doors wide open, nice breeze and evening sun flowing in mixing with the music :D

Sounds By JB

Familiar sounds :D