Unwind Rewind 97 Motherland

Unwind Rewind 97 Motherland

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Unwind Rewind 97 Motherland

Hi friends, let’s slow down together… Today we enjoy some Live Latin vibes… then we talk about the feeling of safety… in the arms of a parent… And we stick to our dreams… Shalom


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Marilyn Ambach

You re so right. I m sorry of course seat belts are a real safety item. And so are masks. But indeed my pount was that whatever works to make us feel safe.

Andrew Andrew

Seatbelts bare an "illusion" of safety? If you say that putting a seatbelt on will enable you to take that bend with a "70" sign at 120 then yes, it is. But when you get hit and instead of going through the windscreen you stay intact.... I am a biker. I wear a helmet, not because of me, but because of the car drivers who think they can operate a car while using their phones......Or were you trying to make a point about masks? Same thing, it is one of a set of steps to take, not a cure-all in itself.