Unwind Rewind 100 Soul Sisters

Unwind Rewind 100 Soul Sisters

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Unwind Rewind 100 Soul Sisters

'There is no front stage without a back stage'

Hi friends, Welcome to the 100th edition of Unwind Rewind... with my special guest and soul sister Dorien Leyers we speak about show business and about daughters of famous music people...

We discuss our friendship with the things we have in common and through the music that bonds us...


Playing tracks by Enrique Iglesias feat Descemer Bueno.



What a great episode. I love the rapport you two have. Thanks for sharing your stories. You are really takin' us there. And the musica├ selections are excellent as always (And come on: the Kelly Clarkson song is a great "heart-broken" song. Who gives a sh%&*! about music critics when your heart is broken?)


Nice session ladies ­čŹĚ