Marilyn Ambach

Tel Aviv - Antwerp, Israel

My radio show - musical podcast Unwind Rewind was aired weekly on IDC International Radio, Herzliya, Israel on Fridays 6pm in 2017-2019 and we did 100 epjsodes.. it is now 2023 and I finally return to you and to the music from my home studio…
Listen to my personal stories from the road, artists, the backstage and my passion for 'good' music from decades ago.... I also try to include some wisdom and lessons for a greater quality of life... Together we unwind rewind... From doing into being...
One hour to undo and enjoy music for the soul....Shalom

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Marilyn Ambach

Currently unemployed due to Covid19 as I am a concert producer and hospitality manager. Music is my passion and radio is my hobby. It's like therapy to sit in the studio and listen and share all this great music with you...

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