1986 Ron Hardy "Live Bootleg From the Crowd at the Music Box"

1986 Ron Hardy "Live Bootleg From the Crowd at the Music Box"

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1986 Ron Hardy "Live Bootleg From the Crowd at the Music Box"
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"Remember the days when guys would sneak little tape recorders into a party to record the mixes? Well like a bootlegger doing the same thing at a concert in the '70s, this is a tape of Ron Hardy mixing live that was recorded by someone in the crowd at the Music Box. While the clarity of the songs isn't the same as it would be if recorded from the actual system Ron was using, hearing the reactions of the people at the party gives this an authentic quality that I think is appealing. The bootlegger stopped taping when songs he didn't want were played, but aside from that, this is pretty cool; especially for those of us who weren't old enough to go to the Music Box at the time (I did make it to the 23rd & Michigan location in 1991 when it was the Powerhouse, and was actually handed a flyer by Ron Hardy himself outside of the building on another occasion when he was letting people know he wouldn't be inside). A unique slice of House history that I have to give 5 out of 5 stars to."-MC


Javon Townsel

Ron Hardy was the greatest. Alright Ronnie

O.g. Ikee

Yeah but there was no mention of Ron or Andre, and they only talked about Frankie in spurts, it was more geared towards Jamie, and that's not to take away from him and his music, but I was in the parties in front and behind the scenes, warehouse music box underground and so on,

Marie E. Lewis

I really did not know what to expect from last night's episode. I was more surprised to see some but not others featured. We have to know that with a music genre, such as House, it would be difficult to get everything in.


in my interview I specifically stated that many people consider Ron Hardy the greatest DJ in House history. It may have been easier to focus on Frankie for the episode because he was around longer, but House fans know Ron was that dude too.


tonight episode of unsung not feeling it at all and no mention of dj ron hardy contribution to to the chicago house music scene.