1986 Ron Hardy "All-Time Classic" Part 1

1986 Ron Hardy "All-Time Classic" Part 1

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1986 Ron Hardy "All-Time Classic" Part 1
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"Easily one of the Top 5 mixes in my whole collection, this is another tape I got from Danny Baker at NIU back in 1991; one that I've played to DEATH over the years since then. Ron blends classic House cuts with rarely heard deeper cuts to make a House mix for the ages. In fact, there are at least 5 or 6 joints on here that I'd never heard before at all in this mix; including the super rare 'Crystal World' by Crystal Grass and 'Under the Skin' by The Brothers that close Parts 1 & 2 of the mix respectively. A special thanks to whoever posted a list of the song titles & artists after I submitted this mix to DeepHousePage.com back in 2011. I rate this mix 5 stars plus."-MC


Playing tracks by Jmj.


Hirosi Wakabayasi


Loki D Wolf

Pros: This is a great selection of music! Straight up classics from back in the day. A House Head would be thinking of the Chicago scene completely! Every track was original and "back in the day". It's fun and in some cases leave you wanting more. House is spiritual is this mix can make one's spirit move!

Cons: Sound quality wasn't that great. I get it's an old mix but does it have to sound like it's actually playing on an 80's radio? I hope that it can be made to be more digital and even add maybe Dolby to help out the sound. Also, in some cases a single track went on for so long I thought that it was the actual 12" version just being played. The abrupt ending is never a good thing.

Overall: This is still marked as one of my favorites. It's just filled with timeless classics that never get old! Getting pass a little low sound quality this is still a mix that can be used at a party or just driving around. :)