1986 Ron Hardy "5 Star Freakin' Time"

1986 Ron Hardy "5 Star Freakin' Time"

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1986 Ron Hardy "5 Star Freakin' Time"
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"An absolute classic, and one of my favorite mixes, I got this tape of Ron back in 1991 from DJ Vaughn Woods aka V-Dubb. This is what I call a Pure House mix, and the type that made Hardy so revered among Chicago House people. The energy level isn't super high here. Instead, there's a good driving groove here with a hint of cool restraint. A great combination of House classics, unexpected familiar tunes, and some rarely heard & little known gems. This mix introduced me to 'Freakin' Time Pt. 2' by Asphalt Jungle, which is part of The MC 500, thus the title I gave it. 5 out of 5 stars."-MC


Playing tracks by Gwen Guthrie.



In this mix?


Finally figured out the Salsoul Orchestra sounding track. It's the Rhodes Mix from Montana Orchestra's South Soul Party Mix.