1985 Ron Hardy "Good Time"

1985 Ron Hardy "Good Time"

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1985 Ron Hardy "Good Time"
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"I got this mix from DJ House Mike aka Mike Feva, who was my NIU classmate in the early '90s. It was another case where the tape had unraveled, but I was determined to hear what was on it when Mike said he had a mix from Ron Hardy. I was pleasantly surprised when the very first song was 'Everybody Have a Good Time' by Archie Bell & the Drells. I heard that song in 1986 on WHPK when Lee Collins had his 'Disco Madness' radio show, and it was the deepest House cut I had ever heard at that time. You can get more info about that cut in the 2nd half of my music guide, 'The Coolest Music Book Ever Made aka The MC 500 Vol. 2'. As for the mix, it's a good solid 60 minutes from Hardy, with a surprising appearance from the instrumental version of Kurtis Blow's classic 'Christmas Rap'. Overall I give this mix 3 & a half out of 5 stars."-MC


Playing tracks by Inner Life.





Wow, includes Raul de Souza - Sweet Lucy!