Building the Palace – Curatorial Essay

Building the Palace – Curatorial Essay

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Building the Palace – Curatorial Essay

Curatorial audio essay for Building the Palace featuring the artists Anna Mould, Cormac Kirby, Fei Gao, Hedwig Crombie, Livio Tobler, Miriam David, Mori (Janelle Woo and Umi Graham).

Building the Palace
Curated by Mara Schwerdtfeger
26 April – 20 May 2023
BLINDSIDE, Naarm / Melbourne

1. Vocal Architecture, Thinking of the voice as the inhabitant of my body with four part harmony.
2. Oratorio, Chamber music for my computer.
3. Sonic sweep heard from my bedroom.
4. Improvising with Memory, Duet for one performer, improvising part one in the morning and the part two in the evening.
5. Odysseus' Palace, Ithaca. Recorded 26 August 2022.
6. White noise.