Nachtraum Vol 1 - 2019

Nachtraum Vol 1 - 2019

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Nachtraum Vol 1 - 2019
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Manuela Krause

Every fourth tuesday of the month I have the honour to present live On-Air 4 hour late night show on Deutschlandfunk Kultur called Tonart Jazz. The time from 3-4 is for me a sacred time, like a passage or transition, for it is no longer night but the new day did not arrive yet. Therefore I had the idea to create special music mixes for this hour inspired by a different topic. The Music is in flow and I just add a few words on top here and there....In case you missed it live, this is the current "Nachtraum": Njoy <3


Playing tracks by Manuela Krause, Izabella Effenberg: Crystal Silence, Building Instruments: Mangelen Min, Saba Alizadeh: Scattered Memories, Johannes Hage Drift: Darwin's Blues and more.