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  • 3 years ago
5 Ari Meisel - Get More Things Done in Less Time (Productivity)

5 Ari Meisel - Get More Things Done in Less Time (Productivity)

Ari Meisel was diagnosed with an incurable disease called Crohn's, but that didn't stop him from over coming the disease through a combination of yoga, good nutrition, and intense exercise. He now runs the Less Doing, More Living podcast where he helps teach others how to optimize their lives and simply just get more things done. Ari talks on setting artificial limits for yourself, thinking how you can grow your business by ten times, and why you need to remove 70% of what you do every year in order to grow as a person.   Key Takeaways: [2:45] What does Ari do? [3:30] Ari shares a bit of his background and who he is. [4:55] By age 23, Ari was $3 million dollars in debt. [6:30] Why did Ari get into construction? [9:45] People sometimes forget about the hands-on education you can get outside of a class room. [12:30] What was Ari's experience at Wharton like? [13:30] Ari isn't sure if college is going to be relevant for the younger generation. [15:22] What are the top three things people