Liège, Belgium

Manao an electronic female Dj from Belgium, Deep House, melodic techno, downtempo..Since she born she feed herself with music.
She plays drums before being a Dj.
resident in the collectif REDEMPTOR.
Traveling a lot, she had opportunity to play in some good parties & festivals like "La Nature" in Belgium,The Bunker, Piknik electronic in Brussel,Us-in, Kingston, Casa Nica, Kultura etc..
And many shows on WarmFm Electronic Radio.
In Thailand (Koh Phangan) her second home, this very famous Full Moon Party Island like "360 Rooftop", Oxa Beach, Lost Paradise, Infinity Beach Club,Addict Forest Club,Apichada,Chill Up, Sunset Hill and different places on the beach for Sunset time..
In Mexico in Cancun, Puerto Escondido La Punta, La Paz.
Full energy and good vibes in her gigs!
She had different sets with live musicians (Congas, violins, guitare, trumpet, sax).
For her, Music can change moods and it's her best medicine!
Let yourself float on the wild rhythm melody..
Enjoy it!