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The Legion Clubhouse #013: Hero Reborn!

The Legion Clubhouse #013: Hero Reborn!

In this episode of The Legion Clubhouse, it's the moment we've all been waiting for - the return of Lightning Lad! But, at what cost?

In the city of Metropolis, in the 30th Century, there exists one of the most amazing clubs of all time! It's members are teen-aged youths, each possessing on special super-powers! The club members have vowed to use their fantastic power to battle crime... This rocket shaped building is the Legion Clubhouse!

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Adventure Comics #311

The War Between The Substitute Heroes And The Legionnaires!

August 1963

w: Edmond Hamilton

a: John Forte
When the Legion of Super-Heroes are called off onto a mission in space an alien craft lands on Earth. Finding it suspicious, the Legion of Substitute Heroes decide to check it out. After fighting off the ships defenses, they are chased away by members