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San Francisco, United States

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MISSION: dubstep-undrground/
Part machine/part humanoid. The year was 3001, cyberdroids programed for mass sub-frequency drops, enter Earth's subterranean depths.
Plan: To infiltrate placid minds with supersonic bass levels. Must unlock as many as possible.

Maebyn - Tagged as biomech and cyberpunk/time travel outlaw. Since the early 2000's, seen putting on strange underground dance events. In 2001 she began using experimental sub heavy bass music. Leaning towards ancient forbidden languages such as: Techno, Electro, Dub, and dark UK Garage, Grime, and even something called-"Dubstep."
Wanted for the use of explicit bass.
Big bass lines and erotic electric pulses make the humans move. This dangerous mix from the archives of an old 2002 comunication which became a classic mix-tape of the "SF" earth dwellers. Still eludes the bass police.