Eye 94 4-15-2018: Jim Gauer

Eye 94 4-15-2018: Jim Gauer

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Eye 94 4-15-2018: Jim Gauer
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Eye 94 is Lumpen Radio's books and literature program, airing live every Sunday at noon ET/11 am CT.

This episode featured the work of Jim Gauer, the author of "Novel Explosives" out now from Zerogram Press. This episode originally aired on April 15, 2018. Music this week by Dos Santos from their forthcoming LP "Logos" and Ben Lamar Gay, used with kind permission of IARC. Voice-overs and reading by Shanna van Volt with additional music from the KPM archive.

Eye94 is hosted by Jeremy Kitchen, Michael Sack and Jamie Trecker. More information is at eye94.org.


Chris Via

So glad I was led to this interview—the Bookworm podcast wasn’t enough for me! Gauer has given us something truly special here. I’ve done everything I can to evangelize this work.