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Sunday morning music vol. 3 - Every day is like Sunday

Sunday morning music vol. 3 - Every day is like Sunday

Sunday mornings in summer...put on some coffee even though the temps are already climbing.

Sunday mornings in summer...spent on the deck with the paper & the birds.

Sunday mornings in summer...a slow motion start to a slow motion day.

Daniel Lanois - Steamdog
Sun Kil Moon - Sunshine in Chicago
Keola Beamer - `Imi Au Io `Oe
Colin Meloy - Every day is Like Sunday(Morrissey cover)
Eno - Silver Morning
Foreign Fields - From the Lake to the Land
Daryl Hall - The Farther Away I Am
Sigur Ros - varðeldur
Bill Nelson - Your Morning Blessing
Wolfgang Voigt - Fresko 1
Nora Jones - Good Morning
Uakti - Japura River(philip glass)
Steve Tibbetts - kili-ki drok
Jeff Pearce - With the Morning Light
Jan Garbarek - Ov zarmanali
Chet Baker - Early Morning Mood
Steve Tibbetts - Drawing Down the Moon
Sufjan Stevens - Lord God Bird(live on NPR)

Happy to have squeezed in the tune from Daryl Hall. Yes that's Daryl Hall of Hall and Oates. From a 1980 solo album. Always loved it.



New age crap??!! (For those of you not familiar with the context, that's a quote from the introduction to this set on the Low Light Mixes site.) First, let's be clear that terms evolve and, back in the day, pretty much any contemporary instrumental music might end up in the "new age" category/record bin. Second, I agree there was/is a ton of "new age" music that was completely forgettable, bland, and utterly unremarkable--"contemporary elevator music". Having said that, as is true within any genre, there were some real gems and music that had more depth, emotional evocation, and didn't grow stale over the years. That's true within the "new age" field. too. It may not be your cup of tea, which, of course, is fine, but it's not all junk or derivative. To me the most clear examples are a variety of artists on the Windham Hill label, especially in the middle years. For me, Will Ackerman and George Winston are two fine examples of this. Another artist that probably falls into that category and produces a ton of music is Deuter. But I find that he still produces a decent amount of music that I find deeply moving and evocative, even over repeated listenings. Tim Story would be yet another example. I just had to give you a hard time about that!

low light mixes

Haha! I totally agree with you! There's always been some good and some crap in the new age genre. Same as any genre, like you said. As to my "new age crap" line - I didn't mean that all new age music is crap. I was inventing a new sub-genre - music that was completely forgettable, bland, and utterly unremarkable should be known as "New Age Crap." ;-)


works pretty good for a late Saturday night, too ;)

~ Michael's Mix...

~ awesome...


Perfeectly relaxingat any time on any dat of the week -an inspired means to chill and re-connect with your natural rhythms(breathing slows heartbeat too -love this colection


I like Sundays.........

Tatsuya Komada

awesome set!love it.thanks a lot.