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positively ambient

positively ambient

Recently I got a request from Mixcloud listener, TikTaalik. This is part of his post, "I was wondering if you could compile a mix that is optimistic throughout. The sort of ambience that I tend only to hear once or twice in a set. Can you get a solid hour of calm ambient music with a euphoric undertone?"

At Low Light Mixes we give the people what they want, so here it is...Positively Ambient. I'm not sure if all of the music qualifies as "optimistic" or "euphoric" but it is all calm & beautiful. I start things off with Eno's "An Ending(ascent)" because I think it's one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written. Although it may work better as "an ending" than as a beginning, I wanted it up front so everyone that plays the mix is guaranteed to hear it.

I hope the rest of the mix doesn't get too sweet or too pretty sounding. I don't want it to dissolve into new age crapola.




Nice mix! Could you do another one like this some time? Some other happy ambient music that I enjoy includes Michael Manring's first few albums, Steve Reich-Music for 18 Musicians, Phillip Glass-Powaqatsi, Bruce Becvar (I know he skirts close to "new age crap", but I still think it's quite nice), Dexter Britain-The Best of Creative Commons, some of Deuter's stuff. Some of this stuff is more rhythmic and some not quite as much, but all has a happy feel to it.

low light mixes

Thanks for the suggestions! I'll add a sequel to my growing "to do" list. Cheers!


for me... "the session"🙏 congrat


So peaceful. Absolutely adore it.

Marc Fox
Marc Fox

You create and curate such a constantly high standard of work -I am so grateful for your inspired selection -sonic landscapes with integrity wit and intelligence -thank you xxx

low light mixes

Marc, thanks so much for your support and your lovely comment. I've always said I'd do the mixes just for my own amusement so when folks like you enjoy too it's an added bonus that makes me so very happy. Cheers!


what a way to end a day... bubble bath, headphones, and this... truly magnificent! Awesome Ambient!

low light mixes

I love hearing how folks experience these mixes out in the real world! So glad you enjoyed it, bubble bath and all. Cheers!


JUST what one needs to end the day .......


This is absolutely stunning. Thank you so much.

low light mixes

Thanks for listening & for your very kind comment. Cheers!