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Best of the Rest - Ambient 2018

Best of the Rest - Ambient 2018

Chart positions

This show was 1st in the global chill chart, 3rd in the global chillout chart and 5th in the global ambient chart.

After I posted my Best Ambient 2018 mix I started diving into other Best of lists. I discovered excellent releases that would have been in my mix if I had known about them in time. I found enough that I decided to create a 2nd Best of 2018 mix. What were your favorite recordings of 2018? #BestOf2018

00:00 Francis Harris - St. Catherine & the Calm(Trivial Occupations)
12:00 Lica Longobardi - Marte(The Garden)
17:38 Off Land - Zircon(Mineral Echoes)
26:40 Kenji Kihara - Sunny Spot(Scenes of Scapes)
31:50 Innesti - In Currents(In Currents)
39:45 Umber - Harvest(slow)(This Earth To Another)
48:55 Cremation Lily - Outlined Expanse(In England Now, Underwater)
53:12 Joel Schoch - Warmth in the Cold(Lone Sails)
56:10 James Murray - Old Friend(Falling Backwards)
61:20 The Gentleman Losers - Bend Low, Sweet Branch, Bend Low(Make We Here Our Camp Of Winter)
65:53 Joel Schoch - Bridge(Lone Sails)
67:13 Spheruleus - Saturday Drones(Saturday Drones)


Daniel Jones

Perfection, as always. I really appreciate you all and the time you take to keep Low Light Mixes going and a top quality program.

low light mixes

Thanks for your very kind words Daniel. I really appreciate your support. Here's to a great 2019 with more great music. Cheers!

Sorin Andrei

Wish you a happy new year

Sorin Andrei

To me the most accurate definition of ambient music comes from one of its pioneers, Pete Namlook, maybe you seen his interview on YouTube. Although as he pointed out not all his creations were ambient. It is regrettable that he is not around anymore.

low light mixes

Thanks for the heads up on the Namlook interview, I'll definitely check it out.

Sorin Andrei

Sorry if my comment kind of enfuriated you, that was not my intention. If you say so it must be ambient, what do I know?!

low light mixes

No worries! I mostly agree with you. The term has been bastardized over the years to include anything with an atmospheric touch. The post just brought up many arguments I've had over the years about true ambient vs stuff like lounge, chillwave, psybient, deep house, smooth jazz, etc. I guess I'm just as much to blame for watering down the genre by sneaking in tracks that don't really fit the ambient label. Like I said I'm glad you stuck with the mix and you're right, that second track is excellent. I discovered it literally the day before making the mix an just had to include it. Cheers!

Sorin Andrei

I am sorry but the first piece is not ambient at all, chill out yes but not ambient . A lot of people confuse “ambience” music with “ambient” music. Luckyly I did not stop the mix at the first piece, because the following one is superb.

low light mixes

Oh lord, don't get me started on the definition of ambient music. ;-) 75% of the mixes listed on the ambient charts here on Mixcloud are not really ambient. I used to complain about music calling itself ambient when it clearly wasn't but that ship sailed a loooooong time ago. My mixes include soundtrack music, berlin school, ambient dub, modern classical, new age, space music, tribal ambient, experimental, etc. It all lives happily under the ambient umbrella nowadays. Thanks for listening, I'm glad you stuck with the mix. Cheers!

Exòtica Ràdio

Fantastic (as usual)
Congratulations and best wishes for the 2019


Country side .. kitchenwindow .. boku boku snow around, it's a bit windy and the sun is slowly setting - can see glimpses of the blue sky and light thru the clouds ..

Working, sipping hot tea, enjoying my warm Xmassocks and listening to this mix .. a perfect blend for a perfect mood ... Thanks, LowLightMixes! :)

low light mixes

Thanks for sharing that scene and thanks for listening. As I type this I'm wearing Xmassocks as well! Have a good New Year! Cheers!