Best Ambient of 2015

Best Ambient of 2015

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Best Ambient of 2015

These are my fav ambient albums of 2015 mixed in the order in which I ranked them in my year end list. It was another great year for music of all kinds.

00:00 Alva Noto - Isola from Xerrox, Vol. 3
07:20 Max Richter - Return 2 from Sleep
12:35 Chris Walla - Kanta's Theme from Tape Loops
17:05 Benoit Pioulard - Shut-ins on Sunday from Sonnet
19:20 36 - Sunriders part 2 from Sine Dust
23:40 Olan Mill - Live at the Millenium Barn from Cavade Morlem
29:00 Mikael Delta & Hior Chronik - How to Define Existence from The First Ray
33:00 Bersarin Quartett - Bedingungslos from III
36:06 Contact - Brian Eno: Discreet Music
44:22 Marconi Union - Aftermath from Departures
48:40 Spheruleus - The Railroad from Chronota
55:05 Goldmund - Turncoat from Sometimes
57:57 Nils Frahm - Merry from Solo
61:45 Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie - The endless battle of the maudlin ballade part 2 from Travels in Constants 24
64:40 Horizon Fire - Earthlight from Earthlight


Playing tracks by Alva Noto, Max Richter, Chris Walla, Benoit Pioulard, 36 and more.

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Jp Boudreau

....with a sonic quality that is rather universal...just good music. I continue to journey along and alone gathering moments of thought as i enjoy these great selections of aural sulptures to behold a d admire. Thanks for your efforts LLM.

low light mixes

Thanks for your support, Jp! I admire your dedication in listening not only to so many mixes but taking a side trip to check out individual albums as well. That is commitment!! Cheers!

Jp Boudreau

As this is a best of selection of 2015 ambient albums, i am taking a detour of LLM'S. Ixes to listen to each selected album. So far each album has been a further delight to listen to. What I've noticed si ce embarking on this sonic journey, of listening (deeply) to LLM'S curation of music is that there is an abiding quality of gentleness and compassion to each selection. This is not to say that these selections are light on musicality, inventiveness, and depth, but each have captivated me (at least as i listen alone)

Jp Boudreau

00:00   Alva Noto - Isola from Xerrox, Vol. 3

07:20   Max Richter - Return 2 from Sleep

12:35   Chris Walla - Kanta's Theme from Tape Loops

17:05   Benoit Pioulard - Shut-ins on Sunday from Sonnet

19:20   36 - Sunriders part 2 from Sine Dust 

23:40   Olan Mill - Live at the Millenium Barn from Cavade Morlem

29:00   Mikael Delta & Hior Chronik - How to Define Existence from The First Ray

33:00   Bersarin Quartett - Bedingungslos from III

36:06   Contact - Brian Eno: Discreet Music

44:22   Marconi Union - Aftermath from Departures

48:40   Spheruleus - The Railroad from Chronota

55:05   Goldmund - Turncoat from Sometimes

57:57   Nils Frahm - Merry from Solo

61:45   Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie -  The endless battle of the maudlin ballade part 2 from Travels in Constants Vo. 24

64:40   Horizon Fire - Earthlight from Earthlight

67:26   end

Jp Boudreau

Here's LLM'S Tracklist so you can dive in and research these amazing artists. Thanks LLM for another beautiful sonic journey....

low light mixes

You're making this easy on me by posting all the tracklists! Thanks for doing that and thanks for continuing to listen. Cheers!


I am really enjoying your older mixes. This mix is super cool!!

low light mixes

I'm glad you're enjoying your dive into the older mixes. This one is worth the effort just on the strength of the first track. I absolutely LOVE that Alva Noto cut. Cheers!

/ The Unforgiven /

must have missed these somehow,..

Tokyo Dusk


low light mixes

So glad you liked it!

Not me

Very beutifull

low light mixes



This is great; gets you lots in its world from the very beginning.

low light mixes

Thanks for listening!


didn't want it to end
excellent work

low light mixes

So glad you liked it!

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