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a leaf on the wind - field recordings 2013

a leaf on the wind - field recordings 2013

The title pretty much says it all - this mix is a field recording mix. The track that got me going was "El Divisader" by Chris Watson from the excellent "El Tren Fantasma" album.

The timestamp is rough because there is too much stuff going on to keep track of. There are lots of sounds and recordings mixed through out this collage. Some are mine, some are just random things I found. Here's a rough list of some artists in the mix:

03:35 Chris Watson - el divisadero
10:30 Forrest Fang - home in exile
15:00 Vangelis - Nocturnal Rain
18:00 David Chapman - an east wind through bomb ballistics and lab 2
21:00 Collin Thomas - blackjack afternoon
27:00 train & pno
31:30 Moniek Darge - solstice sample
35:00 Rapoon - Melancholic Songs of the Desert
38:30 Chris Dooks - For Wolfgang Voight
40:00 Field Rotation - watermusic
45:20 Simon Scott - sealevel.6
50:00 Chris Dooks - Sola
53:45 Linda Aubry Bullock - near

Download here -



This is a great mix! I especially love the way it starts. I would say this is getting very close to being a work of art you have created yourself via some sampling than just a compilation. If you were to shorten up the selections by the musicians you mentioned to just a few seconds each, you'd be there. Quite dreamlike. More please!

low light mixes

Thanks for listening and bringing me back to this mix. I haven't listened to this one in a long time. I have been thinking about doing another field recording mix and leaning even more into the field and away from the music as you suggested. There will still be drones and musical sounds but a little less formal music. Now I just have to find the sounds and the time to put it together. Cheers!

Avril Macdonald

Should I say, timestamp!

Avril Macdonald

Really appreciate you putting tracklisting on here - has this now vanished from the new version?

low light mixes

I'm not quite sure what you mean. The timestamp has vanished? From what new version?

Avril Macdonald

Sorry, not YOUR timestamp, but in Mixcloud generally. It used to be easy to check what was playing when but not anymore. Perhaps it's me!


Very cool mix. Makes me want to start recording more random bits and including them in songs, mixes etc.

low light mixes

So glad you enjoyed it. Listening back to this one now I have the same reaction as you, I really need to get back out there and do some interesting recordings. Thanks for listening.



Richard Telford

Love this. Hitting the spot this afternoon.

low light mixes

Thanks! I haven't listened to this one in a long time. I think I'll cue it up & give it another listen.


Very deep ,,, thanks mate

Jaffa Vanam

where is it exaclty to download i think its amazing mix…..let us have an exact link