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a glitch in time

a glitch in time

Sometime around 2001 I began a brief love affair with "glitch" music. It was new & exciting. I loved the awesome possibilities for percussion & rhythm.

I have since grown tired of the pops & clicks and don't listen to glitch much anymore. But I recently re-discovered some of my favorites from the early 2000s and really enjoyed the music. So this mix is a little step back in time, a small glitch in time to when glitch ruled, for me anyway.

Arovane - Tides (2000)
Carpet Musics - Phone Lines (2001)
Clickits - No Clickedy (2003)
Xela - Impulsive Behavior (2002)
offthesky - Down the Stream (2005)
Shuttle358 - I'm Not Afraid (2003)
Twerk - From Brown to Green (2003)
Jan Jelinek - Facelift (2003)
Bexar Bexar - Kt (2002)
Christopher Willits - The Seaweed Machine (2003)
Christian Kleine - Several (2002)
Arovane - Ambelio (1999)
Shuttle358 - Calty (2000)

Download the mix here...


Jp Boudreau

I don't know many of these artists...glitchy as they are, they are quite relaxing....but would it be possible to get a tracklist to better delve i to this glitchy-ness?

low light mixes

I'm so gla you enjoyed the mix! Cheers!


Ooh! This playlist makes me remember when I listened to Morr Music, cicks and cuts, etc. Time goes by. :-)

low light mixes

Oh yes, I listened to a ton of Morr Music! Pretty much bought anything they put out. Thanks for stopping by and giving this a listen. Cheers!

Eric Gailloux

Superb sounds, quirky.

low light mixes

So glad you liked it!


Great mix! Thank you

low light mixes

Thanks for listening!

Lasse Nilsson

So many lovely tunes. Sweet nostalgia.

low light mixes

So glad you liked it! It is indeed some sweet nostalgia. Cheers!

Andy Smith

Really enjoy this mix... another one to add to my favourites... thank you!

low light mixes

Thanks for hanging out and absorbing the glitchy vibes! Cheers!


Perfect! I did not expect it - but this is exactly what I needed tonight! These compilations of yours are like a treasure box - I am yet to come here and leave with either "blah" or "well ... no, thank you" ... somehow I always find exactly what I need ... can't thank you enough!!!

p.s. edit : I just realized I actually LOVE glitches - I really appreciate how they challenge both our linear thinking and our patience. What an iteresting BodyMind tool ... never thought of them that way ... THANK YOU for that !

low light mixes

Thanks so much for your warm comments. I really appreciate you taking the time to listen and share your thoughts on the mixes. Good point on how glitches can affect the way we listen to music. Cheers!


Its a good mix, thanks. Personally, I find a bit of glitch livens up a fairly mediocre ambient tune.

low light mixes

I agree, but the operative phrase for me is "a bit of glitch." I get turned off by too much noise. Thanks for listening!

Phil Whelan

Perfect for me, today.. thanks for sharing

low light mixes

Thanks for listening, I'm so glad you enjoyed the mix!