Remember Terrordrome Tribute Mix

Remember Terrordrome Tribute Mix

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Remember Terrordrome Tribute Mix
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The Terrordrome compilation series is legendary. I don't know about the international markets, but at least in Germany, and I'm sure in many other countries as well, Terrordrome was the 2nd biggest compilation after Thunderdome, and in the 90s, "Gabber" and "Hardcore" to most people were synonymous with Thunderdome and Terrordrome.
Terrordrome did not just cover the "big hits" of that era; but supplied the scene with the hottest tracks from the more underground areas, and played a vital role in building then new genres such as Speedcore and Noizecore with their range of tracks. Before the days of high-speed internet, MP3s, social media, compilations like Terrordrome spread the newest sounds and gave the Core audience their much needed stuff. Terrordrome definitely played a central role in the Hardcore network during its heyday.
This mix focuses on the Terrordrome issues 5-10, when there was a notable switch in sound and source for the series. Enjoy!


Playing tracks by BSE DJ Team, Bakalla, Nordcore GMBH, Quindoor, E 605 and more.

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Infinite Agony

Thanks! Unfortunately I´ve just got 1 Terrordrome album in my collection: Terrordrome X. In the Netherlands we had a whole bunch of hardcore and terror-cd´s: Thunderdome, Tunnel of Terror, Xtreme Terror, Hellsound, Eurthquake and so on. Terrordrome wasn´t easy to find in the record stores over here.


Wow, really? I didn't know it wasn't a thing in the Netehrlands. I still remember the record girl from the department store Hagemeyer urging me to buy Terrordrome 3: "Earthquake is way to soft for you, you need this CD - it's top notch if you're going for hardcore compilations!" It was just in a little German town (Stadthagen), but the record store employees knew a lot about dance music and harder styles...


So right and still I play Badcore Massacre. Its timeless.. In the Uk we only had the double CD version, but I have the 3 CD with the cutting wheel shaped mix CD. Really is the roots of Speedcore and its impressive how this has stood the test of time as if it could have been created yesterday,much more so than the Thunderdome series ,Its as if I had been deceived by ID&T once I heard this!!



01. BSE DJ Team - Feel The Bass
02. BSE DJ Team - Saver Sex
03. Bakalla - Short Controlled Bbursts
04. Nordcore GMBH - 666
05. Nordcore GMBH - Asshole
06. Quindoor - Full Energy Flash (666 Part 2)
07. E 605 - If You Like HC
08. Noize Creator - Gangzta
09. Steroid - System
10. Nordcore GMBH - Robocop
11. Nordcore Psychopath - Destruction
12. Gangstar Toons Industry - Close
13. Gangstar Toons Industry - 000
14. Napalm - T-Model
15. DJ Stickhead - Ass Kicka
16. Napalm - Scherben Bringen Glück
17. AllFix - Sound Of Hamburg
18. Bakalla - Weichcore
19. Somatic Responses - Don't Fuck With An S.R.
20. Laurent Hô meets Lord Nordcore - Active Geräte
21. Slide - Direct Out
22. Bakalla - True Force
23. Doc Rott - Apokalypse
24. THC - Strange Days
25. Nordcore GMBH - Freddys Strafe
26. Steve Shit - Havin' Sex
27. Stickhead & Don Demon - Conquer The World


And dont forget ; NO NEW STYLE !!! Great post Low E !