Patrick's "Pretty OK" Xmas Mix 2021

Patrick's "Pretty OK" Xmas Mix 2021

2 years ago
Patrick's "Pretty OK" Xmas Mix 2021

Another year has gone by and we find ourselves surrounded by joyous cheer and terrible music. Allow me to offer you more of the former and comfort from the latter with another playlist of "Pretty OK" holiday music alternatives. This year's mix contains classics you can't find on streaming, excellent covers, new releases, and just enough oddities to keep the sickos satisfied.

Looking back, I feel naive for beginning the year by invoking The Who's "1921," While I wouldn't call "21 a good year" ultimately the highs outnumber and reach further than the lows, and that's good enough for me. Hope the same can be said for you.

Whichever side of "Pretty OK" you enter this season on, I wish that your holidays are happy, that the julbocken brings what you need, and that tunage beats suffering this year and for many years to come.

Season's greetings,
Patrick / Boogerbear


Playing tracks by Ray Charles, Green Seagull, Pigdeons, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, Smokey Robinson and more.