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Ranchers LaVoy Finicum and Cliven Bundy: America, Land of the Free Once Again

Ranchers LaVoy Finicum and Cliven Bundy: America, Land of the Free Once Again

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Lost Arts Radio Host Richard Sacks Interviews LaVoy Finicum and Cliven Bundy - 10/15/15.

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Brendon Beebe

Why is it that these ranchers think they understand the constitution better than everyone else? They someone how know more than all other lawyers, law makers, and citizens. Humility must not be a strong suit.

Lost Arts Radio

Did you bother listening to the interview? They *are* citizens first of all; and they are very humble men. Are you saying the federal government DOES have the constitutional authority to do what it's doing in their areas? If you think that, you would be completely wrong. Constitutionally, the government is only able to hold a small amount of land, but what they do is create agencies that circumvent the Constitution and end up swallowing up nearly entire states (NV for instance). The federal government is corrupt, criminal and out of control and these brave men have the guts to stand up to them and tell them 'no'. I hope you do as well. We all need to.

Brendon Beebe

Listened to the whole thing and have been following this for a while. Very few people follow that interpretation of that constitution. The federal government is completely able to hold and control land and has since it's founding.

Here is a great research paper on this very subject that came to the opposite conclusion that you, Lavoy, and Cliven have. What's your opinion on this?

Roberta Baxter

If I could have gone to support Bundy, I would have stood with the group.Now Finicum I am proud of him as well. I am a firm believer in the Constitution. This Federal conflict brought into focus about my land ownership too. Our educational system lacks telling children so much. I heard Bundy's land was being sought by Harry Reid. I don't know if that was part of the push since I did not research it further.

Lost Arts Radio

Yes, you are exactly right. Thanks for listening.