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  • 4 years ago
Katharine Dokken: "Animal Rights" Terrorists Exposed!

Katharine Dokken: "Animal Rights" Terrorists Exposed!

Lost Arts Radio Host Richard Sacks Interviews Katharine Dokken - 10/30/15.

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Asha Nazrabar

Unfortunetly , this is usual case , the Big nonprodits dominating its field are doing opposite as they appear and making lots of money of good hearted people. Best to start helping inbyour cumminty n neighbors n doing lik things tpuself

Lost Arts Radio

Thanks Asha, we appreciate the comment.

Roberta Baxter

I just wanted to come back to attach one site I exposed the HSUS in 2013
This is not the site I mentioned in my last comment

Lost Arts Radio

We'll check it out, thanks Roberta!

Roberta Baxter

I have thought this kind of interference is more of the control of maybe just one person who upsets an entire world. More than 15 years ago I ran up against Wayne Pacelle who was writing on the same site I was freelancing on for income. I did some investigating and discovered Pacelle was prominent with HSUS. People need to do so much research to find the problem people who DO NOT WEAR a sign saying they are getting away with things like Katharine explains.On that site where I was writing things that made Wayne Pecelle angry I was told to stop anti facts unless I would be banned from writing on there. I was told I would be allowed to change my articles in 4 days that were factual and honest information. I looked at my facts and could not in true conscience change my writing. I moved some paragraphs and substituted words enough to keep my articles on the site. I do not write on that site because of the way they treated this incident. The Humane Society Of The United States is a different organization than what it seems to be. I learned so much with a lot of research. I almost had a fear of my safety since some people connected with animal rights are renegades and are very dangerous. Around that same time that I was writing my articles to expose activism dangers, a mink farmer in Oregon was raided more than once by a bunch of renegades. This was a few hours from my home. I became afraid and stopped exposing more of what I found that was bad about them. Many Trolls commented on my articles like they did with Katharine's book review. I did wake up some people and so did Katharine. "Local shelters that are NO KILL " are the answers to your question you asked Katharine. PETA is another organization one should investigate before they stand behind them. PETA is awful. Main stream Media will only tell people what they want them to know.